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  • FREE MODELING ADVICE: The goal of this site is to offer FREE advice and candid knowledge– to help models of ANY experience level circumvent the wealth of spam, phony, inaccurate, useless, and just plain idiotic “modeling advice” currently found on the internet. There is no catch, there is no obligation, and there is no fine print. As a team of experienced and respected models, we strive to offer other models the advice we wish we had received earlier in our careers. And why not share our advice? We do not fear new girls “taking our jobs”.  In fact, we encourage and support it! There is enough room for everybody in the modeling world, and it’s time more people understood that. We offer free modeling advice, video tutorials, conduct interviews with modeling industry veterans, and much, much more! Click here to access our regularly-updated modeling advice Blog and Archive.
  • OPTIONAL MODEL MENTOR/COACHING: Aside from appealing to beginner models looking to get their toes wet, this site especially caters to the novice, semi-pro, and professional model as well. Once you have ventured into modeling, you may feel confident and eager to take things to the next level, but could use a little guidance. That is why we offer our “Model Mentors”as an exclusive, effective, and beneficial next step. Our mentors are extremely successful models and will offer ONE-ON-ONE, EXCLUSIVE coaching, answer all of your questions with no-hold barred, and will share personalized advice that only YOU will be privy to because YOU took the initiative. This feature will appeal to a few of our more success-minded and driven visitors looking to advance their career- if you are one of them, click here to Meet the Mentors.
  • FORUMS: Our Forums are uncensored– this allows the all-important “Modeling Referral” to serve its actual purpose, and be as honest as it really should be. Did you have a less-than pleasant experience with a photographer? Did your modeling agency never pay you? Feel free to be honest and share your experiences in the forum- but DON’T recklessly slander anybody’s name. While we think it imperative to be allowed the right to candidly advise, and hopefully prevent others from entering dangerous/unwise situations, we WILL NOT ALLOW vindictive, made-up, unfounded, embellished, or untrue accusations. Please don’t abuse the honorable and responsible intent of our Forums. You are asked to post the truth- nothing less!
  • SUPPLIES: In addition, ModelMentors offers a relevant and practical Supplies section, where models can find useful  products and services. From our Model Exchange (Need to buy/sell photoshoot clothes, lingerie, swimsuits, etc?), to our Model Toolkit (a thorough yet compact emergency kit for any Model on the job), to our Mentors’ own tried-and-true favorite products, recommendations, and secret weapons!
  • RESOURCES: Finally we have our Resources page, which directly connects you to many more of the modeling industry’s undisputed authorities and most trusted resources around the web. Where to find photographers to build your portfolio, where to network, where to find a web designer, where to find a photo editor/retoucher, where to view instructional video tutorials, and more! We strive to bring you the best of the best- no spam, no bull, no worries! Enjoy!


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