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by Sarah McDowd on March 1, 2012

Whenever a new model enters into the world of modeling, it is undeniably overwhelming- the cold, pitiless Future plays no favorites, offers no insight, and promises nothing. For this individual, there are a million things to learn, a million rules to remember, and a million things left to chance. It can be scary, so naturally these girls look around for any sort of guidance or advice from their more experienced peers.

As I have advanced in my own modeling career, I have been given the chance to sit back and observe this scenario in action. Sadly, I have found that most new models tend to receive exactly the same bland and emotionless advice from each and every peer; rehashed by each respective girl, but nonetheless, it’s still the same ol’ shit at the end of the day. They offer their ‘informative advice’ on topics such as: How to stay skinny, how the possibility of fame motivates them to “stick with it”, or how they finally learned to walk on the runway without tripping. This “advice” is nothing more than gossip and banter masquerading as benevolence.

I realize that these are not the “answers”, nor interactions, that any new model would hope to receive after asking for guidance from her peers. There are so many important topics and questions involved with, and surrounding, the modeling industry. There are women that want guidance, not gossip… and I want to help. I know what it’s like to be the new girl in the “modeling pond”, trust me.

I have never fully understood why people attempt to “guard” themselves off from the whole world- actively refusing to unveil any sort of advice, candor, knowledge, or vulnerability of theirs. At one time, I thought people like this were probably just vain- but as time goes on, I come more to the conclusion that they are just frightened. I think it has taken me awhile to change my perception on people like that, because I can’t identify with it personally. I believe that life, happiness, and success are gifts to be shared with the world. I enjoy helping people. I get such joy from watching someone go from “good” to “great” to “amazing”. I love sharing my honest advice, secrets, connections, projects, and experiences with others…I am an open book! and I suppose that’s why it upsets me to witness the painfully obvious lack of any sort of genuine, well-intentioned, model-to-model advice currently available in the modeling community. So I decided to take action and fix it.

With that said, I would like to welcome everyone to ModelMentors, where I will be updating this site with TONS of free modeling advice, features, interviews, products, recommendations, referrals, and so much more! I can’t wait to start this journey with all of you! xoxo
Sarah McDowd

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