Email Etiquette for Models

by Sarah McDowd on March 2, 2012

A brief lesson- the first of many, in “Email Etiquette for Models”:

Let’s honestly analyze your email address- If you are submitting yourself for modeling jobs online, and doing so with the email address, or even better-, briefly take a moment, reflect on this choice, and punch yourself in the face. This moniker of yours just might be sending a less than professional message to those on the hiring end. Well, I should clarify: if the people on the hiring end are total fucking creeps casting for a classy photoshoot in their mom’s basement, you are going to send them all the right messages. However, is that the kind of modeling gig you are looking to book? (Rhetorical question.)

So now the solution: get yourself a new and appropriate email address- one that is simple and relevant. This can serve as your “modeling email”. You can keep your old email address as a “personal” account for family and friends only, and use your new modeling account strictly for industry contacts. When setting up your modelling email, try to pick a username that has no chance to be misconstrued- things that include a variation of your name/modeling name are definitely your best bet. Don’t throw in unrelated interests of yours to “jazz it up”, no matter how innocent they are. For example, your name plus your undying love for Taylor Swift-, is still going to send the wrong message. Try something simple and straightforward, such as: crystalmiller, crystal.miller, millercrystal, crysmiller, etc.
This may seem silly, but minor details like this are very commonly taken for granted in this industry. I assure you, things like this DO MATTER when you are applying for modeling work and WILL make a difference in how you are being perceived!

Happy emailing! xoxo
Sarah McDowd

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